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VSQL++ for MySQL

VSQL++ for MySQL is an MySQL database management software that supports MySQL 4.1 or above
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19 August 2014

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This is database manager software for MySQL databases.

MySQL is a database that is highly popular. One of the main reasons being it is open source. It is used heavily in website design and deployment too. Thus, a tool that helps manage the database could be a big help for administrators and developers. VSQL++ for MySQL helps database management such that highest possible productivity could be achieved. This tool will help manage database connections and let you navigate through it. The tool also makes a data viewer available. Data in the database and other objects could be edited easily through an editor available for the purpose. This tool helps make workflow simple and make the workflow efficient. Database, Table, View, Procedure, UDF, Trigger, Generator, Domain, exceptions, etc. are objects available in the database. It has a simple front end can help manage all of these objects. It will help create, organize, access and analyze MySQL database in an easy way.

The manager will facilitate SQL processing for the database. Data can be imported, and export is easy to do with this tool. The IT administrator types will be able to manage security features of the database. Security procedures can easily be set up too. This utility is for the IT operations people, and it will help developers and administrators get their jobs done simply. While this tool is not for everyone, the interface should be quite intuitive for the people it is addressed to them. Productivity gains are possible to a significant level. This is a good product.

Publisher's description

VSQL++ for MySQL is an database management software unrivaled for ensuring the greatest possible productivity in development and administration of MySQL database.
VSQL++ for MySQL provides the most convenient and efficient workflow, simplify database management to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the work. With VSQL++ for MySQL, you can quickly and easily create, organize, access and analysis MySQL database in easy way.
MySQL Objects Management
Objects: Database/Table/View/Procedure/Function/Trigger/Event etc.
Connection Management and Navigation
Data Viewer and Editor
Data Import/Export
SQL Processing
Server Security and Maintenance
VSQL++ for MySQL
VSQL++ for MySQL
Version 3.1.12
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